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During our long experience in transport business we have provided services to many companies who are active different industries. This resulted in our experience in various field of industries and knowing the demands of our customers.

Through these years we have arranged various types of goods to different destinations and we would like to share some of these experiences and projects with you

Hoorand has became partners with other reliable agents throughout the world and made all kinds of shipments from different origins to your destination possible.

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Sensitive Cargoes

Perishable/Temp. Controlled Cargoes Safe and Fast

Many of our clients who are active in different fields of industry do have some shipments known generally as Sensitive/Temp. Controlled cargo. Such cargoes could be pharmaceuticals, food stuff, plant material, chemicals and many other substances and products which will deteriorate over a given period of time or if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity or other environmental conniptions.

No matter what the means of transport are, to avoid any delays and damages, such cargoes should always be sent on the most direct route, with fewest transit stops, thereby minimizing the elapsed time and eliminating unnecessary climatic changes.

We at Hoorand with our well-experiences team handle your sensitive cargoes from all over the world to your destination safe and sound:

Air: Perishable services on the most direct routes from Europe, Middle-East, South Korea and China.

Sea: Thermo container services (Direct Route) from Europe, Mediterranean, Africa, Middle-East, Korea, Japan and China.

Road: Direct Thermo Truck services with fast delivery from Europe, CIS and Turkey to Middle-East and vice versa.

For any inquiries and informations we are always at your services:

Sales Dep.:

Mail: sales@hoorand.com
Tel: 0098 21 3391 6789
Fax: 0098 21 3390 9134